Phill Power

Freelance Conference Technician
Wessex, UK
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Hello - I'm Phill!

I am a Freelance Technician specialising in visual media for Live Events.

Although Iโ€™m focused on PowerPoint, Keynote, replay systems (such as Playback Pro+), projection and control systems (such as Ascender) I also have a wealth of experience and skills in Lighting, Sound & AV and extensive knowledge in all areas of eventing.

I have decades of experience across the globe with a vast spectrum of clients, events, venues and equipment which enables me to bring a holistic approach to your production or to focus right down to the specifics of your presentation. Whether you need slides taken care of, or a multi-skilled Technician/Operator to join your crew, I can help.

I also have my own kit โ€“ laptops, cue light, presenter remote, laser pointer and associated peripherals.

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